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FRC Videos

What is FRC? What are CARs? FRC stands for Functional Range Conditioning, it is an approach to mobility training that is based on scientific principles about how tissue adapts to stress, how neurology affects movement ability, and how we can use these principles to bring about positive change in the physical mobility. CARs, or Controlled Articular Rotations, are a great start to exploring and attending to your joint health and their ranges of motion.

People fear that as we age, we "lose" mobility. We lose mobility from lack of movement, not passage of time. For example, a child who grows up doing the ballet may still be able to do the splits when they are 50, but the person who grew up just playing video games likely will struggle to get close to the splits at age 50. What really makes the difference in what our bodies can do as we age is how much time we spend asking our brains to communicate with our bodies to produce movement. 

CARs are helpful because they are a low-stress way to assess joint range of motion, practice movement isolation, and increase blood flow to the the joints for improved joint health. Below are a series of videos about how to do CARs for each joint in the body, as well as a little tutorial for the concept of "Irradiation," which is the essential process of creating tension and stability in the body while isolating one joint at a time.

To learn more about FRC and Dr. Andreo Spina, who founded the system, visit https://www.functionalanatomyseminars.com/  to get a sense of the full spectrum of the approach.

spinal rotation warm up


spinal segmentation


hip cars


Knee cars


Ankle Cars


intrinstic foot strength intro: toe isolation flexion/extension